Cleanse Ability Power-Up!

Cleanse Ability Power-Up!

Dear DPG Members, Drone Masters, and Dino Wranglers,

On July 11th, we’re releasing a special update to the mechanics of Cleansing abilities. Now, Cleanse abilities will be able to cleanse Affliction — our term referring to Resistance debuffs.

This means that when using a Cleansing ability that cleanses all negative status effects, Affliction will be included! However, cleansing abilities that indicate a specific target, such as “Cleanse Damage Reduction” will not impact Affliction– unless Affliction is their stated target!

These changes to Cleansing abilities will give more dexterity to your Cleansing creatures to face off against Affliction specialists!

Enjoy the newfound power!

What’s Fixed?

Some pesky bugs have been squashed for this content update! Here are a few of the most notable fixes that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Fixed issue where Beelzebufo appears as white texture in Sanctuary.
  • Fixed issues affecting Raids and Map in areas where the sunset occurs after midnight (e.g., Norway)
  • Fixed the issue affecting the scrolling of the Alliance Missions’ contribution list.
  • Fixed the issue affecting the Tournaments leaderboards’ display.
  • Fixed debug text appearing on collected daily bonus rewards from missions.